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Our Smaller LED Signs, PERFECT for your car or truck's back window, are listed below.

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Our LED Signs Use Super Bright LED Technology!

Brighter than neon (and 80% more efficient), our UltraBrite® LED Signs use Super-Bright,
Long Lasting (100,000 hours), Energy Efficient Light Emitting Diodes. Although the signs are
outdoor bright, they are designed to be installed inside your store front window.
The UltraBrite® LED Sign's moving text message can be seen and read from the sidewalk or
from passing traffic over 500 feet away! And the brilliant Tri-Color messages are bright enough to be
seen even in the glare of the afternoon sun. Don't fall for the little LED signs that people
can barely see.
Even though our UltraBrite® signs are super bright, the brightness can be easily
adjusted so you can use the sign indoors without blinding your customers.

UltraBrite® LED Signs Are User Friendly!

Our UltraBrite® LED signs can be easily programmed via a hand held infrared remote control.
Each sign has a simple menu structure allowing you to to enter messages, graphics, and
change settings with ease. No more aggravation or frustration caused by trying to
connect a sign to your PC, wasting valuable time, or having to hiring a computer
engineer to figure out how to make your computer talk to your sign. However, we do offer
a PC version, that connects any laptop or PC running Windows to your sign via an
RS-232 port/cable. Simply connect a cable from your sign to your computer, run our easy to
use, user friendly software, and in minutes you will have programmed your sign.

UltraBrite® LED Signs Are Energy Efficient!

The last thing you need is higher electric bills! Our smallest sign only uses a maximum
100 Watts of power - our 12 footer only uses 150 Watts. Due to the dynamic nature of
the sign they rarely use that much energy, making LED signage environmentally friendly.

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